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The Best Solo Traveler’s Guide on How to Meet People While Traveling

It is crucial for everyone to take that “me time” and travel to foreign places and in the process rediscover one’s mojo. Of course, the other advantage is that you are completely free of all kinds of responsibilities. You can decide what to see, where to eat, whether to go sightseeing or just chill in your room or meet new people. You are right in thinking that while it is fun initially eventually you will get bored of your own company and even get lonely. It is, therefore, necessary to find a company to share your experiences.

Here are a few tips to overcome your inhibitions and start a conversation with a complete stranger.

  1. When you are a tourist behave like one. Do not shy away from asking questions of the locals, the tour guide, and the accompanying tourists. Ask questions about the local life, their culture, cuisine. You can, in fact, start a conversation by asking for a recommendation for good eateries.
  2. Even though selfie sticks have taken out the fun of asking someone to click a snap if you see someone struggling to get a picture, offer to take it for them. You will find some other solo traveler ready to mingle at such scenes.
  3. Wear your interests in your backpack or your t-shirt and that will invite a like-minded traveler to strike up a conversation. Other tips display the book you are reading, or where allowed playing your favorite music just loud enough not to disturb, and at times even the food you enjoy can be an icebreaker.
  4. You can stay in a hostel as the opportunity to meet other solo travelers is more here but you cannot stay too long here as you will have no privacy.

You can find out more at ltc. But I personally feel, you must first and foremost have the intention to start a conversation and then things will flow smoothly.