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Die bekanntesten Cosplay Conventions

Cosplay is something which is getting popular since the last decade and it has been playing well in many countries in the world right from Asia and Western nations. These are the ways to bring out the talents in many cosplayers worldwide. The best of such conventions are hosted world over and some of them are listed here:

  1. Anime Festival Asia: the largest mega festival of the southeast nations comprising of Singapore, Indonesia, and This is spread across these countries in 3 months and a variety of shows are done in it.
  2. Gamescom: this is the famous convention that belongs to Germany. It is the largest gaming exhibition where you can spot many cosplayers who exhibit their real talents.
  3. The Japan Expo: this is a Japanese Cosplay event hosted outside Japan in countries like Belgium, USA, France. This has space for cosplayers from all these nations and also of Japanese origin.
  4. Comin Con: this is the convention from USA, London, and Australia which brings in a new set of cosplayers talents.
  5. Anime Japan: this is one of its kind of this convention hosted by Japan and it has been many years since cosplay talents are encouraged here.

These are a few notable conventions which have been a great support for the cosplay culture across nations. The best is yet to come is the word for each of these activities. These are not alone for cosplays but also for those who enjoy comedy. there are a lot of combinations of these good art forms which are put together for the purpose of the unification of the artists from global nations.

Go through about these from the website cosplayhero.de and find out which time these conventions take place and make it a lifetime opportunity by attending it.