Swimming With Pigs in the Bahamas: Everything You need to Know

Exumas – 365 small sleepy line of islands in Bahamas with the amazing white sandy beaches makes you feel like you are in another planet. A group of pigs kept there come in a friendly manner to greet you as you go over to the Big Major Cay. The ‘pig beach’ is filled with sounds of snorting non – native pigs that come leaving the forests to eat the bread that tourists feed them or throw to them from their boats. Due to the receding supply of drinking water in dry January and eating the sand while taking the bread thrown at them some died as excess sand went in. The healthy replacements and remaining pigs keep wading, swimming, and splashing the waters to meet their human friends.

This is all you need to know about Swimming with the Pigs in the Bahamas like being responsible visitor, how to interact with them & where to stay.

Where to Swim with Pigs? Big Major Cay is the region where you will find the pigs – one of the 365 islands in the district of Exumas of the Bahamas.

Directions to Big Major Cay: the ‘pig beach’ is situated 82 miles SE of Nassau and 50 Miles NW of George Town.

How to Reach Pig Beach: Take a Guided Tour to Pig Beach or charter a Boat as it is the only way to get there.

Duration of Stay: To get the full excitement of interesting activities on the beach then take a complete day tour.

Things to Do:

Swim with the Pigs: (they may chase you around if you have food & you can spot large pigs too)

Feed the Pigs: (try not to feed them in sand as they must not ingest too much sand)

Watch the Iguanas

See the Nurse Sharks

Rent a Boat (if you’re confident to trip on your own)

Have a sandy bar picnic.

Snorkeling at Thunderball Grotto: Don’t forget to take snorkeling set that you can buy on amazon to Pig Beach!…